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International Yacht Event at Port  Dickson

ReissJaden participated in the 3-day international yacht event at Port Dickson. Our team served our wines to yacht buyers as they cooled down from the heat with our fruity and chilled local fruit wine.

Mont Blanc x ReissJaden Wine

Our collaboration with Mont Blanc as their gift partners for their clients to create an exclusive gift experience. Our team will continue to explore new experiences by collaborating with other world-class brands to create limited-edition gift goodies!

Lounges and Bars

Our wines are readily available in local bars and lounges with different flavors that will suit your mood and taste buds. It can be served with different dishes to complete your culinary experience.

Pageant Events

Our wines have collaborated with luxurious world class pageant events that resembles our brand, quality and prestigious. We brand our wines with the image of excellence, making them an unmistakable choice for your next affair or special occasion. That’s why it has been said, “We are hand-picked at every stage, from harvest until bottling.

Festive and Social Events

Whether it is a family gathering or a special occasion, our wines are tailored to meet all the occasions and are sure to please. Our wines are organic and free of preservatives. We care about the well-being of you and your family.

Wine Gala Day at Royal Lake Club

Promoting our wine at the exclusive Royal Lake Club Wine Gala. Our wines were perfectly in line with their ultra-high standards for quality.

International Fishing Competition at Kuala Rompin 2018

What’s better than a glass of chilled fruity deliciousness after a long day at the international fishing competition. With a glass of ReissJaden fruit wine, we are all winners.